51 AIDA…Inspiring…Enabling…Empowering Aida-the development of the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB)-is a non-government, non-profit voluntary association founded on December 1985, the society was registered in 1986 under the Societies Registration Act 1986-Registration of Societies (Nagaland First Amendment Act) 1969.AIDA is registered with the Home ministry of India under the Foreign Contributions Regulatory Act, and under Section 12A and under Section 80G of the income tax Act, 1961.   AIDA – Then and Now Since its founding, AIDA has sought to be dynamic and introspective, kept pace with national and global development perspectives and discharged its development tasks with competence, professionalism and sensitivity: There have been many milestones in its evolution. 1986-1995: The initial years were significant for the rapid development of close ties with the people of the region and with international and Indian partner agencies. In addition to setting up of basic infrastructure and facilities, a number of projects, which focused on relief and poverty alleviation, basic health care, primary education and promotion of literacy, awareness creation and motivation at the village level, were implemented. 1995-2002: Based on a comprehensive evaluation of its first ten years, AIDA shifted its approach from project to programme approach, from welfare to self-help methodology, from “doing for” to “doing with” people, from “helping” to “enabling”. AIDA’s approach and methodology became empowerment of people through motivation, awareness, skills building and support to community based organisations. 2002-2006: The thrust during these years was on developing AIDA into a competent, professional, credible development agency, increasing partner networks, setting up regional coordination points, promoting women and community focused economic platforms and livelihood initiatives, experiments in financial services and entrepreneurship promotion. 2007 -2012 : AIDA is committed to the integral development of the marginalized, excluded and weaker sections of society, with special focus on tribal groups, women, youth and children in Upper Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. AIDA’s approach is inspiring, enabling and empowering individuals and communities through systematic long-term interventions, and leadership and capacity building at grass-roots level. AIDA has gradually strengthened its capacity to handhold, offer consultancy, training and support to partners and local organisations in the varied settings of the North East. AIDA continues to build on its wealth of experience and expertise in education, primary health, community development, poverty alleviation and disaster mitigation, leadership and capacity building. With a talented, dedicated and professional team of young women and men of this region, AIDA currently reaches out to over 250 villages in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland and to over a thousand more villages through its SDB and related networks. As a learning organisation, reflection on our own experience, insights from contemporary development thinking and the deteriorating situation of poverty and inequality in an increasingly wealthy and powerful world spur us on in the quest for more meaningful responses and more relevant paradigms.