CDP Intervention on COVID-19

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Tele-Communication/social media

Tele-communication and social media are the methods being used by the team constantly to create awareness among the community. As restricted for social and pubic gathering the teachers are able to monitor and guide the people by passing information through Tele-communication and social media.

Lead-role of the teachers and VCC

Teachers and Field Assistant are playing leading role during this situation. On entry of any external agencies such as for awareness, relief distribution or consultation, CDP teachers and VCC members are first approached and are taken the consultation. Through them the Govt. Line Department are able to study and understand the situation of the locality. This way the team are playing a leading role in their respective areas.

Relief Distribution:

Teachers are also taking every possible lead in distribution of the grocery packages/materials in their locality. They are also helping the agencies to identify the beneficiaries and to reach to the deserving families. While going house to house for distribution, the teachers are also giving awareness on COVID-19 and sensitizing the people on preventive measures.

Collaboration of teachers

Till date the teachers are collaborating with the Government Departments and local CSO in this difficult situation for any needs/activities in the villages.

Information and Mobilization

 After receiving information/notification from the Block, Panchayat, health department, local administrative etc. the teachers are also playing the role of informants to the community. With that information sharing, people are also becoming aware of the happenings and situation.

Together with it, the teachers are also mobilizing the community for any kind of Government activities, may it be awareness generation or relief distribution.

Monitoring and supervision

Regular monitoring and supervision is also done by the teachers and Field Assistants in order to maintain the rules and regulations imposed during this situation. They are making sure that guidelines are followed strictly by the people and also helping people to safeguard from the spread of virus.

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