1. PEARL Project (Project East Arunachal for Rural Livelihood): This project is in operation in khonsa and Longding districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Its sub-office is in Khonsa and Longding. The donor agency for this project is Caritas Denmark. It’s into operation since 2006 and it will go on till 2017.The activities of this of this projects are formation of SHGs and its Federation, land based activities, terrace preparation, cash crop cultivation, pig rearing, goatery, fishery, kitchen garden, poultry and sanitation and non land base activities like  candle making,weaving, beads making, grocery shop, fair price shop, rice mill etc.

2. CSP: Community Schools Programme: This project is in operation in the states of Assam and Manipur. The Donor agency for this project is Child Aid Network (Dr.Martin Kasper) Don Bosco Mondo and from next year the donor will be Holy Childhood, Germany. It’s into operation since 2007 .The main activities of this project is that it provides basic and functional literacy to youngsters between the age group of 10 to 22.who are either school drop outs or have never gone to any school. There are 109 schools in all of which 34 are in Manipur and 75 are in Assam. The project pays for the salary of 109 teachers, books, light, exam, and training programme for the teachers and supervisors. A group of 10 schools has a supervisiors; there are two mobile teachers who visit the schools who give training to the teachers and students and a coordinator to coordinate the whole function and finally a manager of the project.

3. Community Production Cum training centre: This project has its operation in the states of Assam and Manipur, which has its sub-office in Gelapukhri Road, Tinsukia, near Don Bosco. The Donor agency is Child Aid Network, Germany (Dr.Kasper) The operation of this project is since 2010.The activities carried out are to promote rural enterprise which is aimed at providing employment to rural people. The project identifies any skilled person in rural areas, who is then empowered to begin his/her own enterprise. While earning his/her livelihood, the entrepreneur imparts training to the people in his area and capacitates others in the skill with which he has begun his entrepreneur’s activity. The project bears all the initial capital investment, which the entrepreneurs are to repay back once the production begins. There are 22 such centers as on August 2012.

4. BOSCO Family Tea projects: This project is in operation in the district of Golaghat with sub –office at AWA (Adivasi Welfare Adda) 5 no. Thorajan, Golaghat. The Donor agency is CWL Guwahati, Fratelli, Bosco Mondo, Child Aid Network, Germany and Cordaid Netherlands. It’s in operation since 2008.The activities of this project is to improve the economic condition of tea garden laborers by planting their own tea saplings in the land possessed by them. Project has provided tea saplings to 500 farmers. At present the project is also collecting the tea leaves produced by farmers and selling them to Bought Tea Leaf Factories, thus reducing the exploitation carried out by Tea Leaf collecting agents. Future plan of the project is to form a producers company owned and managed by the farmers, who will also process the tea leaves in a factory set up by them. By doing so the project hopes to empower the tea garden labourers to become masters of their own destiny.

5. CEMP (Conscientisation and empowerment of Marginalized and Poor: It is in its operation in the district of Tinsukia (86 Panchayats) with sub office in Gelapukhri Road, Tinsukia, near Don Bosco. The Donor agency is Misereor (Germany). It is in operation since 2009 till 2015. The activities to conscientize and inform the rural people about the powers conferred to them through Panchayati Raj System and RTI. The rural poor are enabled to have access to various government projects. The project also intervenes when some rural poor are exploited by the rich.

6. Fratelli sponsorships: The Fratelli sponsorship is in operation in the whole province since 2000. The donor agency is Fratelli Deminticati, Italy. The main activity is to support the children with scholarship for their scholastic studies. Fratelli is prepared to support the candidate up to PhD level. At the moment each child gets Rs. 600 per month as scholarship and it is for 12 months.There are 6 centres, namely Borduria, Boscome, Chingmeirong, khoupum, Minthong and Palin.