Solar electrification in Manipur

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2722e660-b516-4831-bd1d-3709af0492203cfb9288-8589-4079-b931-70b3a6d8bea1On 25/04/2017 Coca-Cola Foundation and Apple Co. donated solar equipments to 450 households of Geanglong, Tubung, Longsai and Tharon villages of Tamenlong district, Manipur. Each village has a unit called Rural Electric Workshop (REW). This was preceeded by training of solar mamas by Barefoot college, Tilonia, Rajasthan.3c5b8adb-6bd3-423f-a473-96eadf9835e2 1a636ada-4e1d-418e-90bd-99975cf000d1

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